SCENAR Devices: EX735 Slider – The Practitioner’s Choice

I use the LET Medical EX735Ag Slider in my practice for quite some time (in fact, since it first came out in 2010 or so). So here is a little bit of why I think the EX735 Slider is such a wonderful device.

I’ve used SCENARs for years and participated in the first pilot study on orthopedic pain by an orthopedic surgeon who happened to be my daughter’s surgeon. Since that time I have owned probably 9 SCENARs searching for the best device for my daughter. This led me to devices created by the original SCENAR inventor, Alexander Karasev (LET Medical). What seemed apparent during this search was that the copied or cloned SCENARs would work, just not nearly as well as the devices that Alexander designed. Cloned SCENARs also seem to suffer from early accommodation effects.

The creation of the COSMODIC ® technology platform enabled a gentler approach and one that created more of an informational exchange with the body.

SCENAR devices (first generation SCENARs) are aggressive. They work with one feedback loop based on the electrical nature of the cells and amplify the pathogenic signals of the body so the body will go back and complete the healing process that has stagnated. Because of this SCENARs tend to utilize the Peripheral Nervous System and are looking back at what happened to increase the efficiency of the cell from its present state.

COSMODIC devices (second generation SCENARs) are more gentle. COSMODIC uses 46 feedback loops and amplifies the restorative/regenerative signals of the body predicting what informational signal would help the cell go back to the more healthy state. COSMODIC ® is a forward-looking technology and tends to create microresonances with the Central Nervous System.

What becomes evident is that the two systems are optimum to have depending on what is going on with the body; for acute musculoskeletal issues SCENAR is the choice, but for chronic problems, COSMODIC ® technology is vastly superior.

What if you had one device that would automatically select the best approach? Enter the LET Medical EX735 devices (Modific and Slider). The EX735 Modific would select which is best – either SCENAR or COSMODIC ®, and then proceed until the system dosed. When you consider what is going on it makes more sense to create a signal that would include both the SCENAR and COSOMODIC at the same time, sliding cleanly from the more aggressive signal to the more restorative signal with the optimum ratio of them. This is the SLIDER Technology.

I used to carry 3 devices with me at all times. Now I carry one: the LET Medical EX735Ag Slider. It is the fastest responding device I have used to date out of; AcuSCEN Pro, RITM-Pro, RITM, BioModulator, InterX, DOVE scenar, C-Dove, 705mini, and even the LET Medical EX735Ag Modific.

It is by far the easiest to use. The COSMODIC ® technology has greatly simplified protocols so that there are fewer practitioner errors; simply place the device on where it hurts most and wait for the dose signal. Then move the device to the next highest point of pain…. There are other classic protocols to follow, but getting up to speed is very easy. Plus the automation will select the proper settings and power.

It is like having Alexander Karasev in the device selecting what to do next. It just doesn’t get any easier than that.

The LET Medical EX735Ag Slider has been without a doubt the most effective SCENAR COSMODIC I’ve used on a variety of acute and chronic issues. Our clients love it. I’m very glad I own one.

Michael Beasley MS, NCBTMB, AIBT
Austin, TX
(512) 377-1341

P.S. To see the CASE STUDIES Mike Beasley performed on the EX735Ag Slider GO HERE.

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Michael Larry Beasley
SCENAR Results: First EX735 SLIDER Case Studies
COSMODIC EX735 front copper
SCENAR COSMODIC EX735Ag Slider x2 Has a Twin Sister – EX735Cu!

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