ENS ® — “the Beginning

According to Dr. Alexander Karasev, ENS was “the enigma that started it all”. It came even before SCENAR, in 1976, first as the ENS-01 and later as the ENS-03 – the progenitor of all SCENAR devices.

ENS-03 was an adaptive electrical stimulator – and yet, it possessed some “spark”, some mysterious essence that made it almost magically effective. Any attempt to modify the device, even ever so slightly, and/or bring it in compliance with the required medical device standards would destroy that essence and render the ENS almost useless (turn in to TENS).

In Alexander Karasev’s own words, he was chasing that “spark” ever since designing many versions of SCENAR and COSMODIC along the way, and only now, 33 years later, he was able to partially recreate “the spark” in the new ENS.

ENS is a logical continuation of COSMODIC in the more advanced implementation. To put it simply, it is a big SCENAR stimulus + small stimuli of COSMODIC + “informational” stimuli.

ENS is like the Russian “matryoshka” doll, in which the inserted informational stimuli create an informational “snowball” synthesized by the body itself through the feedbacks coming straight from the site of pathology. Eventually, the body starts processing the accumulated in the “snowball” information so intensively that becomes capable of getting resonance responses from virtually all its cells and activating all its resources in order to overcome the disease.

In the good old ENS-03, the body response through the spurious feedbacks was explicitly causing anomalies (“sparks”) creating additional impulses (informational stimuli) at every burst of reaction – and that’s what brought such dramatic treatment effect. And now that “the spark” has been decoded it became possible to purposefully implement it in the new generation of SCENAR devicesENS (the “third generation SCENARs”).

According to Alexander Karasev, ENS is not actually a stand-alone technology. It is “the beginning”, the essence that allows SCENAR and COSMODIC work much better. It is something that permits the body to restore its original design, it’s innate programming – and in doing so return the “inner smile” to our entire being (something noticed by virtually everyone using the ENS).

ENS helps the body “reflect on itself”, go to the beginning – and in doing so
restore its original Informational Matrix, the one the body had before the disease.

In the article below, you can read the ENS story in Alexander Karasev‘s own words. He talks about LET Medical’s first successful SCENAR-type device and about 33 years later, following the Cosmic law of spiral evolution, creating “yet another perfection, but for our time” in LET Medical’s newest device – ENS, the “third generation” SCENAR.


SCENAR is a Thing from the Last Century

by Dr. Alexander Karasev,
head of LET Medical Research Laboratory of Medical Electronics, Russia

Yes, it is true. I have invented SCENAR in the last century!

Indeed, human health and wellbeing have benefited from this unique technology of treatment for a few decades. Speaking frankly, however, it is quite old and today, in the time of nanotechnologies, this method of treatment seems rather coarse.

ENS – the Enigma That Started It All
ENS – “that which IS”

SCENAR is a method of the “big stimulus” (SCENAR creates the “pathologic neuro-like impulse”). The main criterion of the dose in it is an absence of changes of the skin impedance.

Such approach of “big stimuli” is rather inaccurate and, besides, it causes adaptation in the body, which is not very beneficial for the treatment effect. Various methods of modulation, damping, and frequency fluctuations, along with the application of complicated protocols produce, to some extent, beneficial effect and support the existence of this technology. On the other hand, all of that complicates the first generation SCENAR’s mass implementation.

At the same time, SCENAR today remains the best method of natural pain relief.


LET Medical Research Laboratory introduced COSMODIC at the beginning of this century (and this millennium). This technology was a serious step forward, which became possible due to the implementation of multiple feedbacks. These multiple feedback loops (46, to be exact) allowed splitting of the “big stimulus” into several small ones.

The transition from one small stimulus to another was now happening on command of the body itself through the feedbacks. (COSMODIC creates “adaptive regulatory bundles” of impulses, where one bundle flows into another like piano accords).

COSMODIC was definitely a new level in therapy full of new possibilities. Yet as promised, COSMODIC was just the beginning…

ENS – the Enigma That Started It All

A long time ago, in 1976, I made a device called ENS-01. 7 years later it was improved and upgraded to ENS-03. Its design looked as if the device came from space. Even the inner mounting resembled a big and complex, bulk and dense tangle, with complicated assembly rules. High-density mounting was fantastic for those times. It was indescribable and could not be documented properly. Even the appearance was “spacey”: the ENS-03 was made of a solid bar of black ebonite, without any fasteners, and looked like a trimmed piece of meteorite. In spite of our poor and weak component supply base, this device possessed unique treatment features, which modern SCENAR devices still do not have (read: first generation SCENARs).

If one would make an exact copy of the ENS-03, it worked. It was, however, impossible to make any changes to the device without compromising its efficacy, even shifting something as little as 1 mm to the side.

As a lead engineer at the Radio-engineering Institute, I had to endlessly go from one factory to another for many years, in hopes of moving the device into mass production on behalf of both the Radio-engineering Institute and the Research Laboratory of Medical Electronics, which I have founded. All changes made to the device in order to make it compliant with the technical standards (such as the Unified System of Design Documentation) essentially killed its therapeutic efficiency, and the ENS-03 modifications SCENAR-032 or SCENAR-033 remained merely the exhibits in my museum.

We managed to achieve some success only in the beginning of the 1990s, in a private enterprise, where we could disregard rules and regulations of the Unified System of Design Documentation. This is how the SCENAR-035 was born. It was the first LET Medical device implementing the SCENAR technology that went into mass production. Today this technology still remains virtually unchanged, except for the component base. The method was good but not as good as the ENS-03.

What was left off-screen, so to say, was the above-mentioned high-density mounting with invisible aerial spurious feedbacks, the instability of components, which were thought to be the allegedly “bad” characteristics of the ENS-03 device. In reality, that’s what was delivering such dramatic treatment results. Replacing these components with super-modern processors with the quartz crystal control has led to the loss of therapeutic effect.

This is only one clue to the understanding of the fragile tuning balance where any tiny change can turn a highly effective therapeutic device into merely a toy giving small electric shocks and nothing else.

I have proved this in my other invention of that time, called the “anti-scenar”. At least this is how Alexander Revenko called it, as this device could put the body out of balance within minutes. The point was to alternately affect the body with opposite polarity influences in equal proportions through automatic electronic switching of the output stage. It was like turning on hot and cold water in equal proportions – one would expect to get warm water, but the result we’ve got was nonsense, with the body getting very “upset”.

Of course, we have never left the device that way; we’ve designed the SCENAR-033 instead, which was supposed to be produced at the “Priboy” plant in Taganrog. In this model, one could switch over polarities manually when needed. This approach opened lots of possibilities for the SCENAR-033, and Dr. Revenko has succeeded in proving it. LET Medical has produced 20 test samples, but the “Priboy” plant could never replicate them in mass production.

This technology was never implemented again in our next developments, as therapy, in this case, demanded constant monitoring by a therapist during a session. Devices for nearly automatic therapy (like all devices produced by LET Medical) require much “milder” methods of action that do not provoke any stress or “SCENAR aggravations” (or the healing crisis). Such are the methods of COSMODIC therapy + sporadic informational stimuli (of opposite polarity).

ENS – “that which IS”

ENS therapy is a logical continuation of COSMODIC therapy in the more advanced implementation. To put it simply, it is a big SCENAR stimulus + small stimuli of COSMODIC + “informational” stimuli.

ENS technology is like the Russian “matryoshka” doll.

To be able to understand how the “informational” stimuli work, imagine that you are driving on a mountain road and the studs of a safety fence bordering the precipice flicker as you pass by. They are all alike, and soon you even stop noticing them. But what if someone had painted one of the thousand studs a different color? You will surely react to it passing it by, and even turn your head and get distracted from the dangerous, twisted, and difficult mountain road. That’s how we are designed, and that’s how our body works on the inside too. (That is called “orientation reflex”, and that is the basis of any living system functioning: we always react to new stimuli and develop tolerance to repetition.)

The same way the informational stimuli of ENS technology work. During the action, the system inserts marked impulses and waits for the response (it takes usually 0.5 to 4 seconds). The next inserts will be corrected according to the body’s response. Inside these inserts, there are more sporadic inserts, and so on, like in the Russian “matryoshka” doll. This way, we have an informational snowball effect. And since all the inserts appear only in accordance with the body feedbacks, the body itself is actually synthesizing this “snowball”. Considering that the “snowball” is created through the feedbacks coming straight from the site of pathology, after a while our body starts processing the accumulated in the “snowball” information so intensively that becomes capable of activating its every cell in order to overcome the disease.

In our good old ENS-03, the body response through the spurious feedbacks was explicitly causing anomalies creating additional impulses (informational stimuli) at every burst of reaction – and that’s what eventually brought such dramatic beneficial effect of treatment.

ENS therapy based on informational stimuli has allowed more accurately approach the informational space of the body (Informational Matrix) and get resonance responses from virtually all its cells.

A.A. Karasev
Inventor of SCENAR and COSMODIC therapy

As an acronym, ENS stands for great many things, from «Electronic Nervous System» to the «Empty Nest Syndrome». As a word, however, it is obsolete yet very interesting, somewhat abstract, and means «being or existence in the most general sense», «entity», «essence», «that which is».

And that’s how the first ENS, “the Beginning”, looks like to me – an entity, a being that was in part an enigma even to its creator. The “spacey” look, the invisible aerial spurious feedbacks, the instability of components, which could not be described or calculated but which, if removed, would turn a highly effective healing device into a plain TENS… As Alexander Karasev once told me, the idea of the first ENS “appeared from nowhere in a matter of minutes”, the design drawings were ready by the end of that day, and the next day the device started taking a physical form. What does all that sound like to you?

The mystery of the first ENS could not be solved in the last century. The device could only be partially replicated, and fourteen years later the SCENAR-035 or “troika” (as it was lovingly called in Russia), the “Grandmother of all SCENARs” was born – and the history went on from there. That’s how the SCENAR world began.

And now Alexander Karasev and his team are giving us ENS again, but it is not an enigma anymore. The secret of the first ENS is now implemented on a higher level of technological development, on the next turn of the evolutionary spiral, in the third generation of SCENARs.

Dr. Irina K, M.D., Ph.D.,D.N.M.

Dr. Karasev’s article provides a glimpse into ENS, the technology that gives us an access to the Informational Matrix of the body – in other words, to reprogramming the body.

Just think what that means.
  • Correct programming is our body’s computer defragged, debugged, and functioning to its full potential.
  • Correct programming can substantially improve energy production and distribution in our system. One of the ways to do it is to optimize the mitochondrial functioning through the process of mitophagy, and that’s what ENS does quite brilliantly (subject to a separate discussion).
  • Correct programming can ensure speedy and complete healing, but also – the higher body awareness of what is “self” and what is not. It can help the body be better at detecting and expelling the “alien” DNA of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) – and at the same time, stop the body from attacking its own tissues in cases of autoimmune disorders.
  • Correct programming can unlock the regeneration mechanisms and slow down aging.
  • Correct programming means sharp and clear mind, concentration, positive outlook, healthy self-esteem, and invincible mindset. And yes, ENS can go that deep, more so than even COSMODIC. (Apparently, ENS taps into the power of the brain delta waves – those high, deep, slow waves that are responsible for our deepest and the most regenerative sleep, which is also considered to be the state of highest consciousness and the bearer of the most ancient memories of our original design. ENS is a quick and profound anti-stressor, and everyone experiencing this technology notices the state of calmness, deep relaxation, emotional comfort, and also something interesting that can only be described as “the inner smile” :-))
  • Correct programming means you become the best version of yourself, the best you can be – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

We are not saying that we can do it all right now, but ENS is bringing us closer.

ENS is only making its first steps, and who knows what we will see becoming possible in the next few years…

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