What about COSMODIC Frequencies?

© Dr. Irina, March 2006. Posted on OneMedicine newsgroup

It just so happens, that once in awhile one particular issue all of a sudden becomes ‘hot’ and you hear people discussing it everywhere. Then interest cools off and you may not face another question on the subject for months, until new cycle begins.

This time it is the issue of SKENAR frequencies. I lost count of how many people called me lately or posted questions on SKENAR newsgroups asking what range of frequencies are most beneficial for this or that health condition, difference in frequencies between RITM units and Acusen and, in particular, what frequencies LET Medical devices operate on. I guess, it is time to discuss this mysterious subject at length 🙂

First of all, let’s make sure we all understand what we are talking about. When SKENAR is concerned, ‘Frequency’ (F) means how many impulses per second the device will be producing. It is measured in Hertz (Hz). For example, the Frequency of 10 Hz means that the unit produces 10 impulses per second.

Most SKENAR-type devices of the first generation are considered Low Frequency electro-stimulators and designed to produce frequencies from 10 to over 300Hz (up to 383Hz in Acuscen) with the default F around 60Hz (59,3Hz, to be exact, for RITM devices) or 77Hz (for Acuscen). Acuscen designers feel that slightly higher F produces faster and stronger pain-relief effect. My personal clinical observations confirm that.

High F sedate; Low F stimulate

The rule for changing frequencies generally goes as follows: High F sedate, Low F stimulate. If you need to calm down severe pain of inflammation, you should use higher F; if you need to stimulate degenerative area to bring it back to life, you want to apply lower F. It is like music – high frequencies put you to sleep, low frequencies call you to the dance flour.

All professional first generation SKENAR devices offer a special setting called Frequency Modulation (FM in 97.4; F=Var in Acuscen), which gradually and repeatedly swings the device from 10Hz to 120Hz and back (the F range can be different for various models, but the principle still remains). This setting is excellent for ‘shaking’ the system in a particular area. It is being used predominantly on small areas of the skin (small asymmetries and small zones of general regulation) with the SKENAR being held in one spot, but can also be used in motion. This setting evokes the body response very fast and can efficiently move forward otherwise slow general and, in particular, local adaptive reactions.

When you want to kick the body to get it moving – use Frequency Modulation!

FM is a great setting (in some models it is even selected into a separate mode), a favorite one for many practitioners, because provides for a good response without fail and does it fast. The only downfall is that it equally fast eats your batteries.

Actually, regulation of the body response using different F is considered to be one of the main principles of SKENAR therapy. Imagine my surprise, when I asked Alexander Karasev about F in his devices of the 700-series and heard in response that “frequencies really don’t matter much”! Apparently, all 700 machines (including COSMODIC 735 and COSMODIC 715) work only on one frequency, somewhat around 62Hz, which is not adjustable. In Alexander’s opinion, all frequency can do is to add a little more (high F) or little less (low F) energy to the area, that’s all. High efficiency of his machines is achieved without involvement of frequency variations.

That was an eye opener. I am still digesting this ground-shaking information. For years I believed that frequency is a big deal in SKENAR. I guess, this dogma sneaked so much into my psyche that I never questioned it. Did you? They say, don’t let your DOGma drive your KARma. I can see how my SKENAR KARma is changing direction, if this Alexander’s statement is, in fact, true 🙂

Where is your KARma going?

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