COSMODIC Results: First EX735 SLIDER Case Studies

First Experience with EX735Ag Slider

by Michael Beasley MS, NCBTMB, AIBT

Below are 10 case studies of the LET Medical EX735Ag Modific SLIDER compiled by the engineer, energy healer, andCOSMODIC, and LENS practitioner Michael Larry Beasley, MS, NCBTMB, AIBT, in Aug-Sept. 2011.

This study had a purpose of conducting a pre-market evaluation of the short-term performance in professional practice of the new modification of the EX735Ag Modific device that incorporates the SLIDER mode.

No long-term study has been performed at this point.

You can view and download the case studies in PDF format.

Michael Larry Beasley can be contacted for any information regarding these cases at:

311 Ranch Road 620 South
McArdle Business Park
Building 311, Suite 107
Austin, TX 78734
(512) 377-1341

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