Ever since COSMODIC® entered the scene as the next step in SKENAR evolution, there has been some confusion with regards to which technology should be used where, when, and how, for optimal results.

Since each SKENAR or COSMODIC therapy session is different and depends on “here and now” situation, we can’t give you the exact therapeutic recipes. We are not in the land of conventional medicine anymore. What we can do, however, is give you general guidelines – and you can build your unique therapy sessions around them following the voice of your experience and intuition.

These guidelines stem from the differences between the two technologies – and the differences stem from the initial agenda behind each of them.

That’s what Dr. Alexander Karasev, the SKENAR and COSMODIC inventor, says on the subject.

“I initially designed SKENAR to work with injuries and locomotory system disorders – and COSMODIC was intended for working with peripheral nervous system.

Electrical current from the device electrodes as such does not go deeper than a few millimeters into the tissue, but in order to elicit the adaptive body response we need to fully engage the nervous pathways.

The classical SKENAR irritates the nervous endings at the place of application and triggers the body reflexes that way – yet, the signal as such does not go in. (That’s why in classical SKENAR therapy it is so important to be “in the right place at the right time” making the Small Asymmetry paramount in the success of therapy – LH)

If, however, the device impulse will contain some spin electricity, the signal itself (or rather “adaptive regulatory bundles” of impulses as we have in COSMODIC) will travel along the nervous pathways and imitate the body responses.” (That way, with the help of microresonances, it is possible to directly strengthen and optimize the body’s healing activity – LH)

What follows from the above is that SKENAR is a champion in “waking up” the body and forcing it to pay attention to the problem (marked by the Small Asymmetry), at the same time accelerating the healing reactions through triggering the body’s reflexes and the release of effective concentrations of the “internal pharmacy” of RPs (regulatory peptides).

Therefore, you would want to engage SKENAR when:

  • you have an acute problem that the body is working on anyway and you just need to speed up healing and provide pain relief and inflammation reduction;
  • you have a dormant chronic process that needs to be “waken up” in order for the body to break the “energy cyst” and start really healing it;
  • you have a healing process “in progress” that hits a plateau and does not show good healing dynamics anymore;
  • you plan on provoking the affected organs or functions in the course of therapy in order to motivate the body to work on them (COSMODIC does not like provocations; it much prefers gradual progress);
  • your client develops a healing crisis, and you need to move the process forward as soon as possible.

There are, of course, other situations when SKENAR is preferable over COSMODIC, but these are the most common.

To say it overly simplistically, you would want to engage SKENAR when the body needs a KICK.

On the other hand, COSMODIC ® is needed to reveal the body’s full healing potential and “guide” and enhance the body’s healing reactions in order to ensure as complete and profound healing and regeneration as possible.

Therefore, you would need COSMODIC ® to:

  • guarantee that the acute process has fully completed the recovery cycle, “like nothing ever happened”, and that there is no unfinished business left;
  • ensure that the body has engaged its regenerative efforts the best it can in the circumstances;
  • carry forward healing of chronic disorders and support the body in that every step of the way;
  • engage healing on the deeper that physical levels (such as mental and emotional).

Again, these are just the most common scenarios.

To summarize and simplify, you want COSMODIC when the body needs a HUG.

Of course, the most sophisticated LET Medical SKENAR devices, such as the EX735 Sliders, determine on their own when the body requires SKENAR and when COSMODIC – and they will even mix the technologies in correct proportions changing their ratio over time in a “sliding” manner, to take any guesswork out of your therapy and make it as efficient as possible.

But what if you do not have a Slider, yet have two separate devices – one SKENAR and one COSMODIC? Well, then you will have to combine and alternate them as per the above guidelines and listening to your intuition (which is often better than any guidelines).

You can also combine the two devices in the same session, remembering the following.

  • The Small Asymmetry (the gateway to the pathology) is the most important place on the body where you can apply either SKENAR or COSMODIC device in order to get the fastest healing dynamics. (READ HERE more about this unique to the SKENAR therapy phenomenon.) Therefore, try to locate it and work with it regardless of which device or which method, Subjective or Objective, you are using. (Remember that most of the classical digital SKENAR techniques also have the same agenda – identify the Small Asymmetry.)
  • SKENAR devices (including the DOVE scenar) can be equally efficiently used in a static (step-by-step) or in a dynamic (in constant motion) manner. COSMODIC devices are more effective when kept in one place; working with and through the nervous pathways requires peace, quiet, and concentration. You can still use COSMODIC devices dynamically, especially the Sliders with their super-quick processors, but the slower you move them the better.
  • In our experience, the Small Asymmetry (SA) is easier to find with a classical SKENAR device or the DOVE scenar. So even if you are planning a mostly COSMODIC session, you can locate the SA with SKENAR – and then Dose it with COSMODIC. After the Dose is accomplished, you may check with the SKENAR again to see if the SA moved – and so on, until you are satisfied with the results of the session.
  • Please remember that COSMODIC is often not the strongest painkiller. That’s not what this technology was designed for; killing pain and muting the body is not the wisest thing you can do to promote profound healing. Therefore, if you need a quick pain relief, use SKENAR.
  • When you are working on acute conditions, the time of your procedure does not matter: for either SKENAR or COSMODIC, the more the better. When, however, the process is chronic, you do not want to over-stimulate it with SKENAR: keep your session under 40-45 min. in order to avoid any aggravation. For COSMODIC, there is no limit; it very rarely causes any aggravation or healing crisis.
  • You can use both SKENAR and COSMODIC devices on the body at the same time, but not necessarily in the same manner. The body likes comparison, and it likes to be surprised (pleasantly, of course). Surprises are a good motivation to move and change – and, as we know, in SKENAR therapy any change is a good one.

I hope, the above recommendations make sense to you, even if you have only one device. In this case, you will at least know what its strongest traits are – unless you have the EX735, which combines the best of both SKENAR and COSMODIC worlds.

Just as we sometimes benefit more from a hug – and sometimes from a kick, the body also needs both in different circumstances. Hence, having both SKENAR and COSMODIC technologies at your disposal substantially increases the efficiency of your therapy.

Together SKENAR and COSMODIC really make a winning team.


COSMODIC Therapy ABC: The Secret of Small Asymmetry
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