Destroyed by Chemo voice returned after ENS session

We have had our ENS machine for 7 days now!! Purchased through LET Medical in Niagra Falls.


It is simply amazing! My partner damaged her voice from chemo drugs (up to #5 now) but the ENS returned it completely. The first time we used a friends ENS about 10 days after chemo and it was completely back in 24hrs. The 2nd time (it goes after a chemo session) we used it 3 days after chemo and it dramatically improved. Not fully as after 10 days, but significantly.
Here is a video link I made to document the process.

We have used it on my sister in-law’s wrist for 20min (whom hasn’t been able to wear a watch for over 2 years without pain after a break) and 24hrs later a metal watch and no pain at all. The same arm has limited movement across her body so I put it on her shoulder/neck, and it has loosened up considerably! It needs a few more treatments but that was only after one!

I am attempting to improve my long sightedness and general eye strength with reasonably positive results.

Kind regards
Al Tie and Eleanor Parker
New Zealand.


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