Mike Beasley smiling

SCENAR Therapy ABC: How to Increase SCENAR Efficiency

Secrets to SCENAR Efficiency In this short video Michael Larry Beasley, MS, LMT, NCTMB, AIBT, one of the leading experts on SCENAR and COSMODIC devices and technology, is sharing with you his recommendations on increasing the efficiency of your SCENAR and COSMODIC therapy. You will learn: The “PLACE” factor in SCENAR therapy: WHERE on the…
high low two dice

SCENAR Therapy ABC: ‘Highs’ and ‘Lows’ of SCENAR

‘Highs’ and ‘Lows’ of SCENAR It is a very common question in SCENAR therapy, “Should I work on high readings – or low readings?” We hear it over and over again. Obviously, there is some confusion over the issue since different sources give different recommendations. Let us offer you some thoughts on the matter. When…
Yuri Gorfinkel

SCENAR Therapy ABC: How to Optimize SCENAR Therapy

Theoretical and Practical Basis for the Increase of Effectiveness of SCENAR therapy © 1996 by Yuri Gorfinkel, M.D. Users of our devices already know how effective SCENAR therapy can be, even if you are a novice. Constant education, lectures, practical studies have certainly increased the capabilities of SCENAR practitioners. A SCENAR therapist who is practicing…

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