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SOLARIS Healing Blanket (large)


Even though the SOLARIS Healing Blanket looks like an ordinary blanket, it is so much more than that. This revolutionary invention of Russian Space Research program combines the sciences of quantum physics and biology to provide you with an amazing healing tool.

In brief, the SOLARIS Healing Blanket is brilliant in its simplicity FEEDBACK device, which works as both an ‘energy shield’ and as an ‘energy mirror’ showing the body its ‘energetic portrait’ and providing favorable conditions for correction of imperfections by accumulating and redistributing the body’s energy resources.

The SOLARIS Healing Blanket is proven to be excellent for daily:
– Stress Relief,
– Easing of Pain and Improving Sleep,
– Prevention of Premature Aging.

Large size: 82″x 86″. A wide variety of colors and patterns.

NOTE: Due to the large size and weight of this item shipping fees for orders OUTSIDE of USA or Canada may vary. Please contact us for quota before ordering online.

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What is SOLARIS Healing Blanket and How It Works

The SOLARIS Healing Blanket concept has been developed almost a quarter century ago within a Russian Space Research Program as an evolution of the famous Wilhelm Reich’s “orgone accumulator” (it is not the same as the Orgone Blanket though). It was originally released in Russia as the TMB (Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket) or the Russian Healing Blanket. It is currently being manufactured in North America as the SOLARIS Healing Blanket.

CLICK HERE for more about the SOLARIS Healing Blanket and its History

The SOLARIS Healing Blanket is the simplest Feedback device that represents an “energy mirror” to the body.

Metabolic processes in human cells depend upon the presence of bio-electrical charges. To remain healthy and functional, the cells must keep these charges and maintain their unique electromagnetic “signature” frequencies. The SOLARIS Healing Blanket helps them do that.

The SOLARIS Healing Blanket contains a unique metalized fabric in one of the internal layers. This fabric through a special proprietary technological process has been “soaked” in an alloy of metals with a high coefficient of reflection of EMF radiation (one of these metals is said to be palladium). Consequently, this metalized layer prevents most of the electromagnetic radiation from going IN – or OUT of the SOLARIS Healing Blanket space. What does it mean for your body?

That means that the SOLARIS Healing Blanket will:
protect the body from the harmful electromagnetic radiation coming from the outside;
reflect the body’s own EMF radiation back to the body thus preserving and accumulating the body’s own energy;
– mirror the body’s “energetic portrait” giving the body the FEEDBACK it needs to regulate its own energy flow and improve energy distribution.

What the SOLARIS Healing Blanket is Good For

By gently and gradually aligning the body’s energetic processes, SOLARIS Healing Blanket assists the body in healing from a wide variety of ill-health conditions and their prevention. Wrap yourself in a warm healing cocoon developed to Revive, Regenerate and Restore even the most tired, stressed or ailing body in just 20-40 minutes.

Use it for pain relief…stress relief…sleep disorders…to increase resistance to seasonal infections and viruses…to reduce the symptoms of many diseases…to increase blood circulation and relax muscles…for anti-aging…or just to feel warm and toasty.

The SOLARIS Healing Blanket is good for absolutely everyone under any circumstances. It is, however, especially valuable for children and elderly people, because it strengthens the body against dangers and hazards of its environment and preserves the body’s energy resources. The SOLARIS Healing Blanket can be used to great advantage to maximize athletic performance. It has also proven very effective for veterinary use.

The SOLARIS Healing Blanket is entirely safe and natural. It does not use any outside energy source and requires no training.

The SOLARIS Healing Blanket comes in two sizes: standard (82″x 59″) and large (82″x 86″). A wide variety of colors and patterns available (ask us for the current selection).

NOTE. We recommend using the cotton cover to protect the SOLARIS Healing Blanket and make the cleaning process easier (the SOLARIS Healing Blanket cannot be washed; only dry-cleaned). The cover is NOT supplied with the purchase.

SOLARIS Healing Blanket “cocoons the body in the field of positive self-generated radiations”
making you younger, stronger, happier, and, yes, radiant. You have to try it to FEEL it!

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