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“Make Your SLIDER Sing, Even Louder” Interactive Workshop – full recording

Fully edited footage from HB University LIVE 6-17 (June 2017) Interactive Workshop that was focused on operation and practical use of the top-of-the-line LET Medical SKENARs: EX735 Slider x2, EX735 Slider x3, and the latest release – ENS.

The program is intended to give participants a solid working knowledge of the second and third generation SKENARs (their functions, operation, and efficient practical use) as well as clear understanding of the functioning of the energo-informational system of the body and the ways to optimize it.

2 days on 4 DVDs + all conference PowerPoints and printed materials on CD

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Category: TRAINING
Tags: cosmodic device, cosmodic ENS, cosmodic ens device, COSMODIC ENS training, cosmodic professional, COSMODIC training, EX735, LET Medical

“Make Your SLIDER Sing, Even Louder”
Interactive Training for EX735 Slider & ENS Enthusiasts

SKENAR evolution continues. LET Medical Research Laboratory led by Dr. Alexander Karasev is tirelessly working on making this revolutionary technology more profound, more precise, more adaptive to the needs of Home Healers and health professionals spearheading the SKENAR development.

For many years the exclusive LET Medical COSMODIC EX735 device firmly occupies the top of the SKENAR evolutionary tree being the most sophisticated and the most effective SKENAR model that employs two healing technologies — COSMODIC, in one device. Since it was first released in 2007, the EX735 underwent several modifications, the most significant of which were the EX735 Modific in 2008, EX735 Modific Slider in 2011, the EX735 Slider x2 in 2013, and the EX735 Slider x3 in 2016. And now we are witnessing another quantum jump in the SKENAR evolution, with the release of the still enigmatic in many ways ENS device and technology.

It is difficult to keep up with the accelerating speed of developments at LET Medical. That’s why TRAINING in the use of their constantly evolving devices was always the “Achilles heel” of COSMODIC. In order to correct that “asymmetry”, in 2014 HB University has conducted the first Interactive workshop devoted solely to the EX735 Slider, which we called “Make Your SLIDER Sing”. We’ve got a lot of positive feedback on the seminar format and the quality of presented information, and the DVDs of that event laid a foundation of our Virtual Training accompanying our SLIDERS everywhere they go.

However, there have been so many changes and new developments since then! It is time for an update – and we are offering it to you in this Interactive Workshop for EX735 SLIDER enthusiasts, featuring the latest EX735 Slider x2 and x3 models, as well as the newest LET Medical device – ENS.

The program will cover the differences between EX735 Slider x2, x3, and ENS; operation of your device (including the most common difficulties the new owners face and the most common mistakes they make); maintenance and handling; the most effective protocols in its use; the recommended remote attachments; complementary and enhancing technologies – all this and MORE, in a format of an interactive training with LOTS of hands-on. Let’s get your wonderful device sing for you, loud and clear.

Information on DVDs covers the complete Agenda including:
The Process of Health
  • Life Cycle: Stress and “Dis-ease”. Constant Stress and Pain Considerations.
  • “Dis-ease” and ADAPTATION. Body Reactions to Stress and Disease. Local and General Adaptive Reactions.
  • Energy Cysts and the Small Asymmetry (SA). Dermatomes.
  • Choosing Therapy Locations – Symmetry Zones.
  • Nerve Fibers and Communication Speeds. Formation of Chronic pain. 2 Main Sources of Pain.
  • Working with Pain Paths & 3P6P.
Working with a STRESSED Body
  • Where should you work?
  • Problem is outside the body and visible.
  • Problem is inside the body and not visible. (LOCAL: Point of Pain – REGIONAL: Area of Pain – GLOBAL: Entire Body).

SKENARs of the Second and Third Generation. The SLIDER Technology
  • SKENAR Family Tree. EX735 Sliders X2, X3, and New ENS. WHY ENS?
  • SKENAR vs. Cosmodic vs. ENS (comparison). Display Options. Device Control.
  • Advanced ASSESSMENT in X3 and ENS.
  • “3 Pathways 6 points” Technique – comparing Objective and Subjective methods.
  • Device In-built Electrode Choices. Device Electrode Selection: Properties of Silver, Copper and Gold.
  • Remote Electrodes. Remote Electrode Material Selection. Why Shungite?
  • Using Remote Electrodes.
  • SKENAR Therapy and Facelift with Shungite electrodes.
  • Techniques Using Paired Shungite Probes. Primary Applications of Shungite Electrodes. Sandwiching deep pain with Paired Probes.
  • Shifting out of Stress Using Paired Shungite Probes. Balancing Chakras. Paired Probes and Acupuncture Probes.
  • EX735 SLIDER Operation.
  • EX735 SLIDER Therapy. Shifting out of Stress using SMALL and MEDIUM AGRs.
  • LARGE AGRs: 3Pathways 6Points (in Subjective and Objective methods), Collar Zone, Abdominal Zone, Abdominal Spirals, 5 Point Star, Energy Cleanse, Zone Palm.
  • Best Stress Relief Techniques.
Putting it All Together
  • Summary: Working with Clients.
  • TIME: Duration and Frequency of Sessions.
  • Assessment of Client Needs.
  • Patient Contact and Informational Transfer. Your Intentions just might Matter.
  • The Final Balancing Therapeutic Act: The Energy Blanket.
  • Shifting out of STRESS: Combining SLIDER & Blanket Therapy.
  • Lymphatic Facial Technique – A Beauty Protocol.

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