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“Make Your SLIDER Sing!” Interactive Workshop – full recording

Fully edited footage from HB University LIVE 6-14 (June 2014) focused on operation and practical use of the Best SKENAR Yet – the SKENAR COSMODIC EX735 SLIDER x2.

The program has an agenda to give the EX735 Slider users a solid knowledge base in order to operate the device intelligently and give it a chance to show all it is capable of. This Training is also relevant to the other LET Medical second generation SKENARs, especially professional models, and ENS.

2 days on 4 DVDs + all conference PowerPoints and printed materials on a CD (including the PDF of Dr. Irina’s “COSMODIC User Guide”).

SKU: HBU_6-14
Category: TRAINING
Tags: cosmodic device, cosmodic ens device, COSMODIC ENS training, cosmodic professional, COSMODIC training, EX735, LET Medical

“Make Your SLIDER Sing!”
Interactive Training for EX735 Slider Enthusiasts

Currently, the EX735Ag SLIDER is the most popular model of professional LET Medical devices that employs two healing technologies — COSMODIC, in one device. It is fully automated in action and operation and intended for both professional practice and home use.

Since it was first released in 2007, the EX735 underwent several modifications, the most significant of which were the EX735Ag Modific in 2008, the EX735Ag Modific Slider in 2011, and then the EX735 Slider x2.

LET Medical on the EX735Ag Slider:

“This device raises the standards of efficiency for professional devices to a much higher level: this is the first time we give the body exactly what it “asks” for — we have implemented a “sliding” technology where the acting impulse is “sliding“ in and between COSMODIC ranges, in a fully automatic mode or being managed in the needed sectors. “Sliding” technology not just provides correct approach to treatment, but makes it a high-precision one. And enlarges treatment capabilities. A lot.”

LET Medical on the EX735Ag Slider x2:

“Now it has 4 ranges for the acting impulse to “slide” within and between and covers the whole spectrum of the low-frequency signals emitted by the body. Simultaneous action through two channels with each of them being tuned individually. 16 professional action modes. EX735Ag Slider x2 represents the latest achievements of “LET Medical” in the field of equipment implementing efficient non-invasive technologies of medication-free restoration of health and well-being.”

Would you agree that a device like the EX735 SLIDER requires its owner to have a solid knowledge base in order to operate it intelligently and give it a chance to show what it is capable of? Unfortunately, these super-devices come to us from Russia with only a tiny little Operator’s Manual – and nothing else. That’s why this program is laser-focused on this single COSMODIC model and has an agenda to give all EX735 SLIDER current and future owners and enthusiasts a fully comprehensive training on it.

Information covers the complete Agenda including:
  • Overview of the EX735 Slider Operation.
  • EX735 Slider Design and Modes. Care for your SLIDER.
  • Standard vs. Professional Slider Models.
  • SKENAR vs Cosmodic vs Slider modes: which to choose?
  • Next: decide on Constant, MYO or Senso.
  • Automatic vs. Manual Use.
  • Informational Displays and how to use them.
  • EX735 Slider Attachments.
  • What is Dis-ease and How to Approach It.
  • The Body Systems, Symmetry, and Interconnections. Working with Local Adaptive Reactions via ALRs (Areas of Local Regulation). Asymmetries, Small Asymmetry, and Active Sites.
  • Most popular ALR Techniques: “Point of Pain”, “Area of Pain”, “Point of Pain in Motion”, “Little Wings”.
  • Working with General Adaptive Reactions via AGRs (Areas of General Regulation).
  • Working with Small AGRs: 10 Magic Points; 6 Points on the Face; Cross Points.
  • Working with Medium AGRs: Ears, Skull (“Watermelon” Technique, Head Spirals), Neck (“Pirogov’s Ring” Technique), Hands and Feet (“Socks and Gloves”), Vital Organs projections, Testicles, and Ovaries.
  • Working with Large AGRs: 3P7P Protocol (“3 Pathways 7 Points”), “Energy Cleanse”  Technique,  Collar Zone Protocol, Zone Abdomen Protocol, Abdominal Spirals, “5-Point Star”, Zone Palm Protocol.
  • Tying It All Together: How to Optimize Your Therapy Session. Strategy and Tactics in Working with the EX735Ag Slider.

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