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COSMODIC Remote Electrodes: ENT01


Ear-Nose-Throat COSMODIC remote electrode

Remote silver COSMODIC ® electrode for ENT applications ENT01. Designed for treatment of painful conditions of ear, nose, and throat, but can be also successfully used on other body areas with low electrical resistance (rectally, vaginally, in the mouth etc.) or on hard-to-reach areas. ENT01 will work equally well on the mucous membranes and on the moist skin. This very convenient electrode has multiple applications, including the ones that have not been yet discovered.

The ENT01 remote electrode is made of pure silver (925 grade or higher) with a proprietary technology that preserves the natural structure of silver at the same time increasing its gravitational density and conductivity (thus increasing the depth of the signal penetration and minimizing its distortion during transmission).

Compatible with ALL LET Medical SKENAR COSMODIC ENS devices.

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Electrode Material

ENT01 COSMODIC remote electrode is made of pure SILVER (925 grade or higher) according to a special technology, which allows maintaining and enriching the natural structure of silver. The manufacturing process incorporates strong pressing (compression capacity up to 50 tons), which enhances the structure of silver highly increasing its density. The increased gravitational density of silver in a small mass provides for a much higher conductivity, which ensures the ENT01 remote electrode’s ability to transmit the sophisticated COSMODIC signal with minimum distortion and increase the depth of the signal penetration into the body.

Silver as such provides an additional healing effect. This metal is known for its bactericidal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and styptic qualities. Silver is a natural bactericidal metal effective against 650 kinds of bacteria which do not acquire resistance to it, like to most antibiotics. Adding pure silver to the body terrain substantially increases the body’s ability to fight infection and reduce inflammation, thus improving the course of many chronic diseases and preventing the development of new ones. Recent studies also demonstrated the amazing ability of fibroblast cells to multiply and produce the necessary kind of tissue under the influence of silver ions, i. e. silver helps the body regenerate tissues.

Possible Applications for Pain associated with:

1.  Diseases of the Ear:

  • inflammatory or degenerative conditions of the external ear canal (ENT01Ag can be carefully and very gently inserted directly into the external ear canal);
  • tinnitus and hearing loss;
  • inner ear problems (infections, loss of balance etc.).

2.  Diseases of the Nose:

  • frequent nose bleeds and nasal inflammations and abscesses;
  • loss of sense of smell;
  • nasal polyps;
  • nasal allergies and difficulty breathing through the nose;
  • sinusitis.

3.  Diseases of the Throat:

  • frequent throat infections and inflammations;
  • cuts and small injuries inside the throat;
  • difficulty swallowing;
  • some forms of snoring etc.

4.  Can be used in the oral cavity for teeth, gums, toungue, jaw problems in the same manner as the EMC01.

5.  Can be used rectally and/or vaginally for the same applications as the ER01Ag or EV01Ag (please note though that it will not be as effective as using the designated attachments due to a much smaller size of the ENT01Ag).

6.  Treatment of the body areas that are difficult to reach with larger electrodes (body creases, underarms etc.) or too small for them (eyelids, fingers etc.).

7.  Acupuncture point stimulation or many other applications are also possible; ENT01 is a very multi-purpose COSMODIC attachment.

* NOTE: may require a special order. Ask us for availability before ordering.

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