Distinctive features of SCENAR COSMODIC devices and technologies. SCENAR COSMODIC mechanism of action and interaction with the human body.

Healing is voltage

SCENAR Theory: as per Dr. Tennant, “Healing is Voltage”. Is it?

Recently Dr. Mercola, osteopathic physician and a well-known proponent of alternative medicine, published an interview that he conducted with Dr. Jerry Tennant, an ophthalmologist and a creator of the Tennant Biomodulator – a SCENAR-type device widely distributed in the USA. Here is Dr. Mercola’s article written following that interview: Dr. Tennant has published a…
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step ahead

Alexander Karasev on “Active” SCENAR and “Active” COSMODIC

© Dr. Alexander Karasev “Active” technologies of treatment (“active” SCENAR and “active” COSMODIC) are only yet implemented in our latest professional devices — EX735 (including the EX735 Sliders & ENS). In the previous generations of devices, SCENAR and COSMODIC technologies are “passive”. What does it mean? Every subsequent impulse is formed on the basis of…
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LET Medical pro devaice

Alexander Karasev: SCENAR is a Thing from the Last Century

Not that long ago we have published an interview with Alexander Karasev, the heald of LET Medical Research Laboratory and the SCENAR and COSMODIC inventor. In that interview Dr. Karasev revealed some information about the actual MOA (mechanism of action) of the second generation SCENARs and about the little-known physical phenomenon that explains high efficacy…
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healing crisis tips compress

SCENAR Therapy ABS: Healing Crisis and Detox Reactions

Healing Crisis and Detox Reactions You’ve probably heard the expression “you have to get worse before you get better” before. It migrated from the alternative medicine lingo into the everyday lexicon a while ago. This expression describes a pretty common phenomenon called the ‘healing crisis’. It is not exclusive to SCENAR and known in every…
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Bahamas - Yuri

SCENAR Therapy: The SCENAR Philosophy by Dr. Yuri

Dr. Yuri Gorfinkel conducting a SCENAR workshop at the 1st International SCENAR Training in the Bahamas, January 1998 Dr. Yuri Gorfinkel was one of the first and the best SCENAR Practitioner and a brilliant SCENAR Trainer. His “Individual Results of SCENAR Therapy” are still an inspiration for all SCENAR therapists and an indication of what SCENAR…
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energy vortex

Dr. Karasev Tells a Hidden Secret of SCENAR and COSMODIC

Even though the SCENAR and COSMODIC technologies have been around for more than 30 years and by now have a proven record of high efficiency and amazing regenerative powers, they are still very much an enigma. No one actually knows exactly how SCENAR and, especially, COSMODIC work – and their creator Dr. Alexander Karasev from…
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high low two dice

SCENAR Therapy ABC: ‘Highs’ and ‘Lows’ of SCENAR

‘Highs’ and ‘Lows’ of SCENAR It is a very common question in SCENAR therapy, “Should I work on high readings – or low readings?” We hear it over and over again. Obviously, there is some confusion over the issue since different sources give different recommendations. Let us offer you some thoughts on the matter. When…
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SCENAR Therapy ABC: the Frequency Question

What about SCENAR and COSMODIC Frequencies? © Dr. Irina, March 2006. Posted on OneMedicine newsgroup It just so happens, that once in awhile one particular issue all of a sudden becomes ‘hot’ and you hear people discussing it everywhere. Then interest cools off and you may not face another question on the subject for months,…
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SCENAR Therapy ABC: How The Healing Triangle Works

SCENAR Therapy: Healing Interactions SCENAR Therapy is different from most other therapies that usually include “Client-Practitioner” interactions. During a SCENAR session, THREE systems come together: a Client (incoherent at the moment due to a disease), a Therapist (a stronger, more coherent system), and a SCENAR device (functioning as a living system when in contact with…
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How Does SCENAR Work video title

What Is SCENAR and What Is COSMODIC Video Introductions

These two video tutorials present two amazing energy healing technologies – SCENAR and COSMODIC ®. If you are a SiFi fan like us, then you probably remember the famous Star Trek TV series, the first one. Have you ever wondered if that ‘Star Trek’ healing device that Dr. MacCoy used, the one that helps the…
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