To use the coupon, please add both the Slider x2/x3 or ENS and the DOVE to the shopping cart and enter “friendsandfamily“ in the coupon box.

To use the coupon, please add both the Slider x2/x3 or ENS and the DOVE to the shopping cart and enter “friendsandfamily“ in the coupon box.

We’re continuing our overwhelmingly popular 2018 holiday promotion into 2019 for all purchases of EX735Ag Slider x2/x3 and ENS devices – a free DOVE device that you can share with your friends and family! Get the best SCENAR technology home device to use, loan, or gift as you like!

To use the coupon, please add both the Slider x2/x3 or ENS and the DOVE to the shopping cart and enter friendsandfamily in the coupon box. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any trouble. This promotion is only valid while supplies last throughout 2019.

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bounce back
SCENAR Protocols: BOUNCE BACK When You Feel Off-Balance
Healing is voltage
SCENAR Theory: as per Dr. Tennant, “Healing is Voltage”. Is it?

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Not that long ago we have published an interview with Alexander Karasev, the heald of LET Medical Research Laboratory and the SCENAR and COSMODIC inventor. In that interview Dr. Karasev revealed some information about the actual MOA (mechanism of action) of the second generation SCENARs and about the little-known physical phenomenon that explains high efficacy…
Summary of Russian SCENAR Therapy Experience Figures are based on the experience and reports of Russian SCENAR therapy practitioners published in the annual digests SCENAR Therapy and SCENAR Assessment 1997 – 2007. Diseases of the Muscles, Ligaments, and Bones: – Osteoarthritis; gout; sprained, strained, and torn ligaments; torn meniscus; rotator cuff; deformities and contractures of…
SCENAR – Your PHA (Personal Health Assistant) SCENAR (SKENAR) stands for Self-Controlled Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator (or Regulation), and it is the name given to both the technology as well as the family of devices. What is SCENAR? SCENAR (SKENAR) is holistic in nature. It is an energy healing technology that aligns and strengthens the natural healing system…

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