Popular COSMODIC Protocols: Immune ModulationHow well do you know your Immune System? We are thinking, not that well. You probably know that it supposed to protect you against various dangerous microorganisms, that it involves very different parts of the body, and that sometimes it does not work efficient enough (immune-deficiencies), or works way too efficient (allergies), or gets totally confused and starts attacking your own tissues (auto-immune disorders).

Not many people know the details of the immune system functioning, and this is no surprise, because the immune reactions are systemic, very sophisticated, and multi-layered.

You don’t have to know all the specifics of the complicated immune mechanisms in order to successfully regulate them, but you need to understand their fundamentals – and they may differ from what you THINK you know.

You see, the Immune System is a major part of our system of ADAPTATION and, as such, is more a NEGOTIATOR than a guard that kills everything foreign that gets into the guarded territory. Its responsibilities lie not only in destroying the invading microorganisms, but also in establishing a peaceful coexistence with the environment and its certain micro-representatives that can be helpful (like commensal intestinal flora etc.).

In other words, the Immune System needs to:
• first of all, separate friends form foes;
adapt to friends and make them comfortable, but make sure that they do not misuse their welcome (you know how your friendly cohabitants Candida or E.coli can all of a sudden become a threat, if the immune system weakens);
• and, finally, kill the enemies.

That is a huge responsibility, and the one that totally depends on the ability of the Immune System to judge correctly the “level of friendliness” of the factors of your outside and inside environment. Correct assessment brings you peaceful coexistence with your world, which supports you and assists with your daily needs. Incorrect assessment threatens your very existence by, say, not identifying the cancer cells as danger or, in contrast, by seeing your normal cells as a potential threat and attacking them in autoimmune conditions.

Therefore, if we want to help the Immune System, it is not enough to merely stimulate it in immune-deficient conditions or suppress its hypersensitivities. We ought to MODULATE the immunity and help the Immune System to be a better judge of what is dangerous and what is not.

This is not an easy job, considering that the Immune System is not anatomically well defined; it is scattered all over the body and involves many very different cells, tissues, organs, and structures.

COSMODIC technologies are very much suited for the task. In fact, there is probably no other energy healing modality that, like SKENAR and COSMODIC, can either stimulate or sedate physiological processes being used in the exact same manner (on the same settings and on the same areas of the body). It can’t get better than that for modulation of a physiological activity.

The video below walks you through the particularities of the Immune System functioning and the Immune Modulation Protocol for SKENAR devices. It was presented at the Australian SKENAR conference by Dr. Irina Kossovskaia. We hope you will find it helpful.


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