COSMODIC Therapy: How Clients Can Help SKENAR Work Better

It is so important that during SKENAR sessions and between them your client’s mind is fully engaged observing, noticing, pushing forward all the changes happening in the body under the corrective SKENAR influence. And yet, how often this is actually happening?

It is so easy for a client (and often even for a therapist) to fall into the habitual “doctor-patient” dynamics where a practitioner does what he/she needs to do with SKENAR while a patient quietly and patiently “lets it happen”. Or even worse – a SKENAR therapist and a client engage in a discussion of daily events, sports, politics, relationships, and whatnot WHILE in session. Yes, the SKENAR will still do its job, but SKENAR therapy would be so much more efficient if the client’s mind was “in it”!

Old habits die hard. Your client is not going to quickly change the “patient” attitude to the one of an active participant and an equal partner in therapy. And not because he/she does not want to; they just don’t know how. The conventional medicine made sure that this skill is duly suppressed in contemporary humans.

It will take time, persistence, and a proper expertise of a SKENAR therapist to facilitate this “paradigm shift” and ensure the optimal functioning of the Healing Triangle. And yet, when the shift happens, healing miracles become possible. The classical Russian SKENAR school knew and taught it well – and it is up to us to preserve and expand this knowledge.

It is with that agenda in mind we offer you a brochure “Advice to SKENAR Clients”. We suggest to give it to all “SKENAR newbies” as the first step on their way to understanding SKENAR therapy and facilitating their healing process. Of course, it is only a brochure, and reading it does not mean that the advice will be followed. When, however, the client also hears these recommendations in person from his SKENAR therapist, over and over again, the change will start happening, and it won’t be long until your client will become an equal and active part of the Healing Triangle. And an empowered and happy one too!

Here is the brochure (click on the image on the left).
We hope you will find it helpful.

Is it necessary for your clients to follow the “Advice”? No, it is not. SKENAR will help anyway. Yet, if they do, their focused and motivated mind will make SKENAR therapy work even better.

The human mind is a powerful tool. Use this tool to further help the accelerated healing with SKENAR.

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