How COSMODIC Devices Determine “DOSE”

How SKENAR Listens

Secrets of the “DOSE” are Revealed by the SKENAR Inventor

© Dr. Irina Kossovskaia, Nov. 2008

After you read this article, you will feel that you are finally solving one of the SKENAR mysteries: how the second-generation SKENAR determines the DOSE.

“Why is this important?” you might ask. Well, I can give you at least two reasons – one now and one at the end of this article (just to keep you intrigued ☺).

Reason number one: to get maximum efficiency from your SKENAR, you need to understand its one-of-a-kind technology. SKENAR has the unique ability to read the body as no other device can. Its feedback feature allows it to behave like a living system that sensitively helps the body in its healing, giving it exactly what it needs – and when it needs it. Not too much, not too little; just enough for the body to make a quantum leap toward health. And when this leap happens, the second generation SKENAR will ring you “the DOSE” signifying that the minimum necessary influence to evoke the profound change has been achieved.

Yet, how exactly does SKENAR know when enough is enough? Wouldn’t you like to find out? Me too.

I have been researching the SKENAR phenomenon since 1996 and write a lot about it, probably more than anyone else in my field. One of my motivations is to understand it better myself, by explaining it to you. (Have you ever heard someone say, “I was explaining the subject so well that I finally understood it myself?” ☺). And yet, many mysterious areas in SKENAR remain things that I still do not quite get. The Dose is one of them, especially where the second-generation SKENARs are concerned.

I know I’m not alone. I am repeatedly asked by new, as well as experienced, SKENAR enthusiasts what is the DOSE, what exactly the second generation SKENARs measure, and what is happening in the SKENAR-body interaction at the moment when this little DOSE bell rings. And every time I’d give an answer, the small worm of dissatisfaction would stir inside. Like something was still not quite clicking. I would explain the phenomenon the way it was explained to me by various SKENAR gurus in my ongoing quest for SKENAR truth. Yet I wanted more. I wanted the “AHA!” moment.

Well, I think I finally have had this moment. You see, as a general rule, success in getting the answer you seek is dependent on your asking the right question. I found this especially true with Dr. Alexander Karasev, the SKENAR inventor. His mind works in unorthodox ways, and straight questions do not always yield straight answers. It turns out that I hadn’t been asking the right question!

A recent request at the One_Medicine newsgroup about the SKENAR effect on cell polarity revealed something really profound. As I was composing the answer, I decided to get Dr. Karasev’s thoughts as well. And that’s how I had my “Aha!” moment. Here are his comments:

“Yes, SKENAR definitely has an effect on the electrical potential of tissues; after all, it is an electrical tool by nature. However, it does not change the polarity of cell membranes directly. Rather, it changes the electrical potential of the intercellular space. See, we have to distinguish two main types of electrical potentials when a cell is concerned. One is the well studied potential of a cell membrane – we call it the membrane potential’, which typically switches between +0.1 and –0.1 volts and relates to the polarity of a cell membrane – and the other is the less known electrical potential of the intercellular space, ‘the intercellular potential’. The SKENAR primarily affects the second.”

SCENAR and LASER on Cellular Level
How COSMODIC and Low Level LASER Work on the Cellular Level

Typically, when the intercellular potential is lower than the membrane potential, the cell is predominantly absorbing substances from the intercellular space (mostly oxygen, glucose, and other nutrients); when the potential is higher, the cell is predominantly releasing substances (mostly waste products).

The intercellular potential is very dynamic and changes fast, thus allowing for quick switching between the “absorbing” and “releasing” modes. With age, however, the intercellular potential decreases and its ability to change slows down, reducing the oxygen and nutrients the cell receives and causing waste products to accumulate. The cell is progressively starving and polluting itself becoming less and less responsive to the changes in the surrounding environment (oxygen and insulin levels in the intercellular fluid etc.) In a short time, the cell has slipped into a vicious spiral of degeneration and aging and is headed toward death.

Therefore, to revive this suffering cell, we need to increase the intercellular potential and speed up its dynamics. SKENAR provides for the accumulation and increase of the intercellular potential and, as it exceeds the membrane potential, the cell membrane changes polarity and begins to release its accumulated waste into the intercellular space, so that it can be taken away by the lymph and blood. This begins the rejuvenation process. The cell is now cleaner and much more receptive to receiving the necessary substances to heal and survive.

That brief moment when the pendulum of the cell’s biochemical reactions slows down and momentarily stops in its lowest position before going it the opposite direction – when the intercellular potential becomes equal to the membrane potential, just before the cell membrane changes polarity and switches to the “releasing” (“cleaning”) mode – that’s the moment, which the SKENAR “catches” giving you the DOSE. (AHA!)

Note the significance of this moment. This is the turning point in the healing process when “spring cleaning” begins; cells now are waking up, getting rid of accumulated waste, and making room for the arrival of new life-building blocks. Degeneration is becoming regeneration. If you stop your treatment before this point, too few changes will have accumulated to wake up sick and tired cells; your treatment is not going to be as effective as you would like it to be.

Please note that only the second-generation SKENAR devices (COSMODIC devices and out of all SKENARs – the DOVE scenar) determine the DOSE this way. First-generation SKENARs use a different principle; they DOSE much faster and their DOSE signifies something different. They are not refined enough to catch the delicate changes in the body’s biochemical reactions and create a mathematical model accurately reflecting those changes. In other words, they do not listen well enough (☺).

To achieve the desired changes in the electrical qualities of tissues, the SKENAR needs to be kept in one place and not moved for a fairly long time. This is particularly true with the COSMODIC. It is NOT recommended to move COSMODIC before it Doses.

The more diseased are the structures the longer it will take for SKENAR to Dose. (The moody COSMODIC 715 when it feels that it is taking too long to accomplish the Dose can even shut off on you, and no matter how many times you try, the stubborn device will be shutting off on this particular place telling you to move on to other locations). As you continue your treatments and your healing progresses, less and less time will be needed to Dose the same spot, because healthier tissues accumulate intercellular potential much faster.

So, did you have your Aha! moment yet? For me, this explanation put a lot of things in perspective. Now I can see in my mind’s eye how a slow, polluted, starving, and aging cell that has lost all hope of getting better and is desperately grasping any bit of energy to survive can actually perk up and rejuvenate itself. As the intercellular potential increases under SKENAR and reaches the level of the membrane potential (the Dose beeps), the accumulated toxic wastes will be sucked out of the cell – and oxygen, glucose, and nutrients will flow in bringing along a new life. How’s that for visualization?

I want to leave you with another mental picture. One of the reasons our cells get polluted so badly today is genetically modified (GM) food. According to Dr. Karasev, the alien DNA causes major cellular damage by blocking the small openings in the cellular membranes that are used by the cell to exchange substances with its environment. The unusually shaped alien molecules get stuck in the cellular “doorways,” blocking any “traffic”, polluting the cell, and starving it. The bad news is that only a very strong intercellular potential can suck those molecules out of the cellular doorways. Even SKENAR cannot always do this; you need COSMODIC, and you need to use it repeatedly on the same spot bringing it to DOSE every time, to remove those stubborn strangers from your cells. Can you see COSMODIC doing this?

At the beginning of this article, I named the intimate understanding of your device as one of the main reasons to know what the DOSE actually means – and I promised you to name the second reason in the end. Well, the second reason is that when you understand “The DOSE” phenomenon you can start using your device in new ways.

I just mentioned visualization. This powerful technique can assist you and your clients to achieve the desired treatment results much faster, and now you have a couple of mental pictures to use during your COSMODIC therapy. Try them, especially if your device does not want to Dose for a long time. It just might help.

Consider another possibility: Imagine that now, even if you use another treatment modality along with the COSMODIC, you can detect exactly the moment when your body “awakens” and begins healing. If you apply a therapy at this very moment, the body will eagerly accept it and give you the desired response. Just try it, you’ll see.

I would also like to suggest something else – a new technique actually, specifically for the second-generation SKENARs. We always say at HealthBoss that, if you know the “Why”, you can do the “How”. Well, now I’ve got my Why, and it leads me immediately to the “How.” You know those frustrating situations when it takes forever to get the DOSE with the COSMODIC or the DOVE scenar? Now we know why this is happening. The exhausted tissues just cannot accumulate enough intercellular potential to match the membrane potential and induce the polarity reversal that jump-starts the cellular regeneration process. But I think we can do something about this; we can run a procedure, which I call “The Star Technique”.

The idea behind it is simple. The intercellular potential depends directly on the flow of energy in the area concerned, and that’s why our channels, meridians, and chakras need to be working properly. It’s almost like a lake that is fed by many little creeks; if these creeks dry out, so does the lake. So let’s try to clean these energy “creeks” so they can bring new life to our drying lake. If the area of the body you wish to treat does not want to Dose, Dose some points around it first. Imagine a star, and start from the top point (above the point you actually want to get the DOSE on), Dosing each point in turn: top – bottom left – bottom right – left – right, just as you would draw a star on a piece of paper (I haven’t figured out yet which star is better – the 5-point or 6-point; I’ll leave it to you to find out.) This should clean the “creeks” and fill the “lake,” so that you can now successfully Dose the stubborn center, knowing that the treatment is going to work.

If you have two devices, you can speed up the procedure by using both at the same time on opposite points of the star. Don’t be afraid to also try other approaches – just don’t forget to tell us about any new “Hows” you discover (☺).

So, these are my reasons to know How SKENAR Listens and Why it Doses. And I would like to mention one more aspect, which could be the most important one – the assurance. Now, when you hear the machine beep, telling you it has determined the Dose, you know for sure your therapy is working. The body is responding. Your cells are getting revitalized, re-energized, and rejuvenated. From this moment forward, de-generation is reversed and becomes re-generation. The Dose has assured you that this is so.

So keep those Doses going! I wish you, and your loves ones, a fast healing.

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What is COSMODIC and How It Differs from SKENAR

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